Alameda Research Suing Lenders for $446 Million in Cryptocurrency Loans

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Alameda Research, a cryptocurrency trading company, is suing two lenders for $446 million in unsecured loans. Before Alameda declared bankruptcy, the loans were made to the bankrupt lender Voyager Digital. At the time Voyager made a repayment request, several of these loans weren’t yet due to maturity. Voyager stated that it held FTT (an exchange token created by FTX) and SRM (the token for the Serum protocol) as collateral for loans provided to Alameda in the form of various cryptocurrencies including bitcoin, dogecoin, ether, USDC, litecoin, and others.

Kunji research market update

With the help of Pfizer Ventures and other investors, VitaDAO, a decentralised autonomous organisation (DAO) dedicated to extending human life, has secured a $4.1 million investment round. Tyler Golato of the decentralised biotech protocol Molecule founded VitaDAO in 2021 to support long life research. Vitalik Buterin, a co-founder of Ethereum, has previously invested. According to Todd White, operations steward at VitaDAO, the organisation is governed by its native VITA coin, and holders can vote on which initiatives to fund. “We aspire to be a community the size of some nations.” said White.

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