Bank of America sees potential for digital assets

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As the tokenization of real-world assets picks up speed, the market for tokenized gold reached a value of $1 billion last month. As it offers exposure to physical gold, 24/7 real-time settlement, no management fees, and no storage or insurance costs, Bank of America (BAC) feels that this is a major factor in the adoption of digital assets. This low minimum investment raises accessibility, and “fractionalization” permits the transfer of ownership and value of physical gold that was previously impractical, potentially enhancing liquidity and enabling investors to swiftly and effectively adjust portfolios.

Crypto market update featured image

In an effort to rethink its brand strategy, Balancer’s service suppliers are cutting their operating budgets and terminating employees. In order to accomplish this, Orb Collective, which oversees the protocol’s design, marketing, and regulatory policies, will establish a specialized marketing team to talk with platform users about the inner workings of Balancer. Additionally, the new marketing plan would include a “crypto Twitter-native voice.” This is because the protocol lost out on income prospects as a result of the recent Euler Finance attack and bug disclosure.

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