Binance Introduces the Launch of Arkham Token Sale on its Launchpad Platform

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According to a Bank for International Settlements BIS study, around 15 retail central bank digital currencies (CBDCs) might be in circulation globally by the end of this decade. Within the next six years, nine central banks have stated that they are “very likely” to issue a CBDC for wholesale usage in financial markets. 93% of the 86 central banks polled are currently engaged in CBDC activity, with significant countries like as India, the United Kingdom, and the European Union seriously considering producing digital versions of their fiat currencies. According to the study findings, stablecoins and other crypto assets are seldom utilized for payments outside of the crypto ecosystem, with cross-border transfers and consumer purchases being the most common applications. The number of central banks declaring that they are unlikely to issue a CBDC has increased during the year, with fewer remaining undecided.

Kunji Research Crypto Market Update

Arkham (ARKM), Binance Launchpad’s 32nd token sale project, will have a hard cap of $2.5 million and a total token supply of 1 billion ARKM. Users will be limited to $15,000, which is equivalent to 300,000 ARKM tokens. Binance Launchpad has been given 50 million ARKM, representing 5% of the entire supply. Binance will begin a six-day monitoring phase to record users’ BNB balances on July 11. Subscriptions will be available to eligible customers starting July 17 for a 24-hour period. On July 18, the corresponding BNB amount will be withdrawn from each user’s account and the equivalent number of Arkham tokens will be credited. Arkham is a blockchain analytics platform that provides statistics about real-world companies and persons engaging in crypto market activity on the blockchain.

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