DZ Bank chooses Swiss firm Metaco for digital asset custody services

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In a $20 million seed fundraising round, the web3 gaming startup Kratos Studios valued itself at $150 million. The present INDI token holders will be exchanged for the dollar amount they first invested in the new token when it is issued in 12 months. In addition, Kratos bought IndiGG, a sub-DAO of Yield Guild Games DAO, through a token swap with the intention of bringing billions of dollars in advertising revenue to the Indian government and creating millions of jobs in South Asia. The business strategy attracts players and game producers on its platform, generating income from both groups. Karnos Studios and other investors raised $6 million in finance for their individual projects in October 2022, illustrating the gaming industry’s growing complexity and the need for additional diversity.

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After agreements with Citibank (C), Societe Generale (GLE), and DekaBank, DZ Bank has chosen Swiss company Metaco to provide its digital asset custody services. To manage crypto services for institutional clients, Metaco will employ its custody technology platform Harmonize, forging a strong and quickly expanding business partnership and appealing solution. Despite the market slump in 2022 and the volatility caused by incidents like FTX’s abrupt collapse, DZ’s objectives for digital assets indicate that crypto enthusiasm is still high among traditional banking companies in Germany.

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