Hacker returns recoverable funds back to Euler finance

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Metaco, a Swiss provider of digital asset technology, has teamed up with Liechtenstein private bank VP Bank (VPBN) to develop its digital asset custody and tokenization services. VP Banks has chosen Metaco to help with the development of its digital asset services, joining Citibank (C), Societe Generale (GLE), DekaBank, and DZ Bank in doing so. In the opinion of Metaco’s chief growth officer Seamus Donoghue, the platform will allow banks and financial institutions to meet consumer demand for new asset classes and broaden existing business models.

Crypto Market Update

According to Euler Finance, the hacker who caused havoc on the network has sent all “recoverable cash” back to the decentralized lending platform. With the transfer of 10,580 ether (ETH) worth $19 million to Euler, one of the most prominent cryptocurrency exploits of the year comes to a close. Last month, the protocol was also depleted, losing close to $200 million in digital assets like dai (DAI), wrapped bitcoin (BTC), staked ether (sETH), and USD currency (USDC). The exploiter appeared to apologize at the time and refunded the majority of the stolen money to the protocol.

Voyager is taking swift legal action to permit Binance’s $1 billion purchase. The U.S. government move forward out of concern that exchange withdrawal could result from ongoing disputes over the contractual drafting. The creditors of Voyager will lose the value of the deal if it isn’t completed in four months, Binance.US has the right to withdraw, according to the conditions of the pact. If legal challenges made by the US government are not settled by April 13 then Voyager and its creditors risk losing $100 million. The insolvent cryptocurrency lender has filed an urgent lawsuit to allow Binance.US to buy it for $1 billion. Voyager has submitted an application in parallel with the US. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit, asserting that any delay will cost $10 million a month and prevent over 1 million customers from accessing discounts. Changpeng Zhao backed the agreement to restore clients’ money but hinted he could back out due to legal delays.

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