Mangrove DEX Launches Programmable Order Book on Polygon’s Testnet

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On Polygon’s testnet, the dceentralized exchange (DEX) Mangrove has launched with a programmable order book. Mangrove, a company located in Paris, has received roughly $10 million, and trading and market-making giants like Wintermute and Cumberland support it. Around the beginning of the next month, the mainnet will debut. With the help of Mangrove’s “advanced limit order” innovation, traders may offer to sell a certain amount of digital assets for a specific price while also putting those assets up as collateral on a lending platform and earning passive income. With this more adaptable variation of a limit order, traders may suggest selling a certain amount of digital assets at a specific price while putting those assets up as collateral on a lending platform and earning passive income.

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Due to worsening operational conditions and the forced suspension of a former employee, Hotbit has stopped operations. It also implies that given the failures of FTX and other significant crypto institutions, centralised exchanges are unlikely to be sustainable over the long run. Centralized exchanges (CEX), according to Hotbit, which was formed in 2018, are getting more complicated and challenging to follow. There have been demands for more individuals to own their own cryptocurrency or trade on decentralised exchanges after Chinese researchers claimed recently that they had cracked encryption using quantum computers. The failure of FTX and other prominent centralised exchanges has raised doubts about the viability of centrally controlled methods of crypto trading and custody.

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