Wyre cuts withdrawal limits

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Only a few weeks have passed since Australian regulators took legal action against fintech company Block Earner and Finder.com. Australian crypto product suppliers have recently come under the scrutiny of the Australian Securities & Investments Commission. The cryptocurrency exchange will no longer run the “Earn” initiative as of January 10, and users will receive a full refund to their trade wallets of whatever amounts they have earned. On Dec. 27, Swyftx posted the announcement, but given the Christmas season, it needed to be more noticed.

Kunji research market update

Wyre, a cryptocurrency payment platform, updated its withdrawal guidelines to only allow users to withdraw up to 90% of their assets. Wyre’s temporary CEO will be Giannaros, the company’s chief risk, and compliance officer. Users of Wyre will be subject to adjustments to daily withdrawal caps as the platform implements new operational concepts. The removal of Wyre from MetaMask’s mobile aggregator which enables users to purchase cryptocurrencies directly from the digital wallet was revealed on January 5.

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