dYdX Explores SubDAO Expansion and Upgrades to Cosmos v4

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Circle Internet Financial is adjusting the reserves underlying the $30 billion USD Coin (USDC) as it prepares for the possibility of a U.S. government debt default. As of May 16, the $8.7 billion in overnight repurchase agreements (repo) were added to the portfolio of the Circle Reserve Fund, which is run by the renowned investment management company BlackRock. Banking behemoths BNP Paribas, Goldman Sachs, Barclays, and the Royal Bank of Canada are all parties to overnight repo transactions. The circle is taking these actions while American lawmakers are negotiating with President Joe Biden’s administration to increase the government’s capacity to issue additional debt. In order to be ready, Circle’s fund moved its holdings into cash or government repo transactions rather than Treasurys that matured after this month. SubDAOs are teams of dYdX DAO contributors that focus on the protocol’s essential functions and are ultimately answerable to the dYdX community.

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The establishment of more subDAOs is being discussed by DYdX, the decentralized platform well-known for its perpetual contracts, in order to decentralize ecosystem management further. Fox Labs Digital recommended assigning several smaller decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) different monitoring duties. This occurs at the same time as the dYdX community is getting ready to upgrade to Cosmos blockchain’s fourth version (v4). According to Fox Labs, the operations subDAO is scheduled to expire on June 19. Adding to that, this involves creating a model for how a decentralized trading platform may function efficiently and inclusively as well as influencing the future of dYdX.

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