Scams And Frauds In Crypto And Way To Identify Them

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Are you confused about crypto coins and tokens and looking for a solution to invest safely? We got your back.

This online session will act as an introduction to major crypto frauds and scams. It will also introduce the attendees with techniques and methods to identify and tackle such malpractices. Register now to get a perspective from our experts, Anurag Agrawal, Principal- Investment Strategy and Palash Udhwani, Research and Investment Analyst at Kunji, and take a deep dive in a subject that is of utmost importance to any existing or prospective investor in this asset class.

Crypto scams are similar to other types of financial scams, except that the scammers are seeking your crypto assets rather than your money.

  1. Investment Scam

Scams involving investment entail a bad actor luring consumers to transmit their bitcoin or any crypto assets to the fraudster with promises of “great gains.”

Scammers might pose as a variety of people, including a “investment manager,” a celebrity, or even a love interest on an online dating service. Whatever function they play, they offer to grow your investment if you transfer it to them. Look for promises of extreme rewards or zero risks to discover an investment scheme. These are known as socially constructed scams.

 2. Phishing Scam

Scammers have long used phishing scams to their advantage. Fraudsters want to gain access to your account information, including your crypto keys. As any crypto user is aware, whoever holds the key controls all of the crypto. Phishing criminals frequently trick you into clicking on a link to a bogus website, where they can steal your account information.

 3. Crypto Giveaway Scams

Twitter account spoofing exchange accounts and responding to a genuine exchange tweet with a graphic promoting a huge number of BTC giveaway scams. Celebrity Twitter impersonations are also prevalent. Open no URLs or attachments from unknown senders.

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