CoinGecko Launched a New Index That Tracks The Top Crypto Tokens

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CoinGecko has released a new index that tracks the top crypto tokens that the US Securities and Exchange Commission considers likely securities. The “Top Alleged Securities Coins” website ranks crypto assets according to market capitalization, with BNB at the top. The index was constructed by assembling a list of tokens designated securities by the SEC in previous lawsuits. CoinGecko identifies 24 tokens that account for at least $84.9 billion of the market, or 7.5% of the overall crypto market value of $1.21 trillion. SEC Chair Gary Gensler stated that the bulk of crypto assets should be regarded as securities, meaning that the SEC would regulate almost all the approximately 25,500 cryptocurrencies listed on CoinMarketCap.

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The National Crime Agency (NCA) of the United Kingdom (UK) is growing its digital asset investigation team by adding four senior investigators to its Complex Financial Crime Team. These agents will look into high-end crypto fraud, money laundering, and blockchain-based crimes performed by organized crime organizations. The post necessitates current or active Professionalising Investigation Programme Level 2 accreditation or a comparable government-issued investigative crime qualification. The income varies between 34,672 and 38,314 pounds ($44,145 to $48,782.92), plus various civil service perks. Because of the rising value lost to crypto fraud in the UK, the NCA established its digital assets division in January 2022. The NCA is also looking for financial investigations managers to oversee crypto and digital asset crime investigations from the viewpoint of the Proceeds of Crime Act, with an emphasis on seizing and repurposing illegal funds for the benefit of the community.

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